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Operating Division : Transnet Group Services

Position Title : Company Secretary

Employee Group : Permanent

Department : Secretariat

Location : Johannesburg

Reporting To : Deputy Group Secretary

Grade Level : E

Reference Number : 6003263

Position Purpose :

The Company Secretary is a full statutory, compliance function that assists the Deputy Group Company Secretary to oversee

the systems, procedures and processes by which the Transnet Group is managed to ensure a high standard of corporate

governance and statutory compliance.

Position outputs :

1.Assist the Deputy Group Company Secretary in the management and provision of professional company secretariat and

administrative services/functions to the Group and its subsidiary companies’ Board of Directors and related Committees
including the Group Leadership Team (GLT).

1.1.Coordinate the Company’s Corporate Calendar in relation to the Board of Directors and the GLT and their governance
structures’ meetings per financial year.
1.2.Preparation of agendas for meetings in conjunction with the Chairperson and key GLT members.

1.3.Coordinate the consolidation and distribution of relevant reports for presentation at meetings timeously so that members

can adequately prepare

1.4.Drafting and circulating of written resolutions as applicable.

1.5.Take minutes of these meetings and ensure they are distributed as set out in the Mandate to aid Directors and

Management in implementing the decisions.

1.6.Assist the Group Company Secretary, as the custodian of all statutory records, with the maintenance of minute books,

registers and related confidential documentation.

2.Assist the Deputy Group Company Secretary by providing the Boards of the subsidiary companies, their Committees, and

the GLT governance structures with guidance in their duties, responsibilities and powers and make them aware of all laws

and regulations relevant to the company, including advice on business ethics and good governance.

3.Assist the Deputy Group Company Secretary by monitoring and driving good corporate governance throughout the

Transnet Group, namely:

3.1.Make Directors aware of all relevant laws and regulations ensuring that they adhere to the highest governance standards

and report any failure to comply.

3.2.Develop and maintain a system for compliance monitoring and reporting across the Group, ensuring that the Directors

and management operate within an authority framework approved by the Board and reviewed and updated from time to time

3.3.Provide Directors with guidance in their duties, responsibilities and powers and make Directors aware of all laws and

regulations relevant to the Group. This includes the provision of advice on business ethics and good governance.

3.4.Liaise with internal and external stakeholders to ensure stakeholder satisfaction and adherence to governance guidelines.

4.Assist the Deputy Group Company Secretary in monitoring and keeping abreast of corporate governance developments,

both locally and internationally and where appropriate recommend to the Deputy Group Company Secretary for their

inclusion in the existing governance practices.

4.1.Remain abreast of developments in corporate governance and ensure the Board and the GLT adhere to the highest

governance standards (for example “King IV”).
5.Assist the Deputy Group Company Secretary with the maintenance of mandates for the Board, Board Committees, the

Group Leadership Team and its sub-governance structures, including the management of the Board’s delegated authorities,
as per individual portfolio.

6.Assist the Deputy Group Company Secretary with the maintenance of all statutory records and submission of statutory

returns in compliance with the provisions of the Companies Act.

6.1.Ensure timeous lodgement of all returns with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission, maintain and update

the company’s register of members. This extends to all other legislation or regulations critical to the nature of Transnet.
7.Assist with the certification of annual financial statements of Transnet SOC Ltd that the company has lodged all its returns

required of a public company and that these returns are true, correct and up to date, in accordance with the Companies Act

by ensuring that adequate maintenance of statutory records. Also includes:

7.1.Preparation of all or sections of the annual report and ensuring that statutory deadlines are met and that the statutory and

regulatory disclosures are validated, particularly in relation to statements given on corporate governance and practices in the


7.2.Liaison with the auditors to sign-off the audited financial statements prior to presentation to the audit committee.

7.3.Liaise with appropriate stakeholders and prepare the governance section of the Integrated Report.

8.Ensure that the Board’s policies and instructions are communicated to the relevant persons in the company and that
pertinent issues from management are referred back to the Board where appropriate.

8.1.Develop a confident relationship with the Chairperson, and assist the Chairperson in formulating priorities in the Board

agenda for consideration by the Board.

8.2.Communicate GLT policies and instructions to the relevant persons, and ensure that pertinent issues from management

are referred back to GLT where appropriate.

8.3.Monitor the maintenance and ongoing review of policies and procedures against internal changes, ICT requirements,

legislative amendments, and market benchmarks in policy formulation

9.Assist the Deputy Group Company Secretary to;

9.1.Provide new Directors with an induction pack relating to specific matters pertaining to the company and industry in which

it operates.

9.2.Arrange for site visits to major operations and meetings with key executives for Directors to familiarise themselves with

the business.

10.Coordinate identification and compilation of training requirements for Directors, where relevant and ensure that there is an

ongoing programme to keep Directors well informed of developments in the company and in respect of matters relevant to

their responsibilities in general.

11.Assist the Deputy Group Company Secretary to monitor the performance and effectiveness of the Board and its

Committees in discharging their duties and obligations annually through a formal independent review.

12.Monitor compliance with statutory provisions of relevant legislation, and that statutory deadlines are met as well as

statutory and regulatory disclosures are validated, particularly in relation to statements given on corporate governance

standards and practices.

13.Assist the Deputy Group Company Secretary in correspondences with the various managers in Legal, where relevant for

specialised expertise and support to the GLT.

Qualifications & Experience :

1.Bachelor’s Degree in Law or Commerce or CIS qualification is required
2. At least 3-5 years’ experience in a similar role in the secretariat function

Knowledge Required:

Knowledge and full understanding of South African legislation including PFMA and the Companies Act No 71 of 2008
Extensive knowledge of good corporate governance and practices and King III.

Competencies :

Strategy &sustainability

1. Strategic alignment – Understands the link between the organisation strategy and objectives and priorities in own area.

Inspirational Leadership

1.Inspiring people – Inspires, motivates and empowers team members to do their best.
2.Managing Talent – Provides clear direction and allocates tasks effectively.
3.Embracing & implementing change – Manages and responds effectively to change.
4.Embracing diversity – Embraces and promotes the unique contribution of different individuals to achieve a common goal.

Business performance & delivery

1.Planning & coordinating – Prioritizes tasks effectively and adjusts where necessary.
2.Driving performance – Focuses on performance enhancement.
3.Decision and solution focused – Makes decisions in a timely manner. Evaluates, reviews and forms objective opinions
when making decisions.
4.Business acumen – Is able to manage costs and identify methods to reduce waste/cost within scope or work
5.Analysing – Effectively gathers and analyses different sources of information

Relationship Management

1.Communicating effectively – Interprets information appropriately and is able to convey this understanding in a clear,
congruent manner
2.Collaborating – Build and maintain interpersonal relationships inside and/or outside of the organisation.
3.Service orientated – Responds and takes responsibility for queries and delivers as promised
4.Conflict Management – Manages conflict fairly and efficiently.

Corporate governance& compliance

1.Managing safety – Complies with safety requirements and manages same in area of responsibility.
2.Managing compliance – Complies with legal obligations and regulatory requirements and manages compliance in area of

Personal mastery

1.Learning & applying expertise -Dedicated to continuous learning and self-improvement. Shows an openness to undertake

activities to enrich and improve self.
2.Resilience – Manages pressure effectively and copes well with setbacks. Works productively in a high-pressure
3.Emotional intelligence – Is aware of own strengths and development areas and continuously integrate feedback to enhance
4.Vigour & personal drive – Works hard and shows energy

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