Group Chief Financial Officer

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Equity Statement: Preference will be given to suitably qualified applicants in line with Transnet’s
Employment Equity policy and plan. Candidates will be subjected to an executive management
assessment as well as an intensive vetting process as per the requirements of the job.

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Operating Division : Transnet Group Services

Position Title : Chief Financial Officer

Employee Group : Non Permanent

Department : Finance

Location : Johannesburg

Reporting To : Group Chief Executive

Grade Level : A

Reference Number : 6003259

Position Purpose :

Transnet is the largest integrated logistics company in Southern Africa and the custodian of ports, rail and pipelines. The

company has an annual revenue of R72 Billion, an asset base of R369,8 Billion and 55,000 employees. Transnet’s port, rail
and pipeline infrastructure facilitates the movement of goods from where they are produced to where they are consumed.

This enables trade and connection to export markets. The Company is therefore critical for cost-effective, efficient, and

seamless movement of goods through our economic system. The company’s core mandate is to assist in lowering the cost of
doing business in South Africa, enabling economic growth and ensuring security of supply through providing appropriate

ports, rail and pipeline infrastructure as well as operations in a cost effective and efficient manner, within acceptable

benchmark standards.

Transnet is also a key implementing agent of the developmental state and must align with Government’s Programme of
Action which seeks to build a pragmatic and cooperative relationship between government, organised labour and private

sector stakeholders that can jointly determine a strategic path for state-owned companies to create jobs, enable inclusive

growth and become operationally and financially sustainable.

Transnet seeks to employ a seasoned, ethical and inspiring Group Chief Financial Officer, who will be accountable for the

formulation and implementation of the company’s Financial Management Strategy and for the development, implementation
and monitoring of effective financial risk, compliance and governance systems and processes.

Position outputs :

As custodian of the PFMA and accompanying regulations, the successful candidate will be required to manage and
safeguard Transnet’s assets (liquid, current and non-current) in accordance with recognised and accepted financial
standards and prescribed regulations, while exuding astute and prudent financial management in guiding the organisation
towards sustainability.

Provide leadership, direction and management of the finance and accounting team
As an executive team member, contribute towards Transnet Business Strategic Planning in general, and specifically
financial strategy and control systems.
Ensure compliance with all relevant regulatory, governance risk management practices.
Support Board and Exco in developing investment projects and monitor implementation progress on an ongoing basis.
Oversee and direct the compilation of Transnet budgets, statements and reports.
Formulation of an effective funding strategy.
Develop accounting and financial policies and procedures to ensure adequacy of internal control and reports.
Lead all financial reporting processes and provide Board, Audit and other committee feedback.
Manage Strategic and Operational Funding taking into consideration macro-economic implications such as:
o Cost of acquiring additional debt
o Foreign exchange impacts

o Capital markets

o Formulation of sound hedging strategies.

Establish and maintain contact with domestic and foreign institutions, banks and agencies in presenting Transnet specific
funding requirements, detailing contextual information, promoting Transnet and negotiating advantageous interest rates.
Constantly review the investment process as well as the Transnet Funding Plan as illustrated in the Corporate Plan, as
necessitated by changing circumstances in support with the GCE.
Ensure that the funding strategy conforms to international best practice.
Manage Finance, Internal control, Compliance and Governance systems to ensure that risk is minimised.
Ensure compliance to control systems implemented to ensure sound financial and audit practice.
Conduct ongoing follow up and monitoring of compliance with implemented controls and procedures.
Enhance core business processes that enable financial accountability at all levels.
Enhance Board reporting and continual improvement to foreign exchange management.
Ensure that finances are run in accordance with Transnet policy, internal controls congruent with best practice, optimizing
the internal audit function and minimising financial risk.
Manage tax exposure and tax planning.
Qualifications & Experience :

Must be a Chartered Accountant.
Must have a post-graduate degree in finance and business related studies.
Proven experience in leading financial management function in a large organisation, at a Senior Executive Leadership
In-depth knowledge of corporate finance and risk management practices
Knowledge of PFMA and Treasury regulations and other related legislation will be an added advantage.
Ability to build relationships among executives, partners, workforce and government stakeholders.
A quick thinker with an understanding of customer service and new business development, to support and optimise
business processes.
Substantial knowledge of money markets and other investment instruments.
Strong commercial acumen.
Extensive understanding and experience in funding and managing large capital projects; strategic human capital

deployment and governance related matters.
Ability to conceptualise complex problems into analytical and operational frameworks
Excellent interpersonal skills with demonstrated ability to collaborate well across disciplines and key collaborative
institutions, government and partners.
Competencies :

Ethical and Inspirational Leadership
Strategic Thinking
Relationship Management
Corporate Governance and Compliance
Business Performances and Delivery
Personal Mastery

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